Kay Fiskers Plads 11
2300 København S

Lørdag – Søndag 14-17
(Åbning lørdag 27 aug 15-18)

Ghost Driver
Ghost Driver
27 aug kl 15-18

Coordinates set. Passing by in elastic mode. Park.

You walk through the forest. It’s early morning and in a clearing you see a quiet lake. Looking at the surface of the lake you see the reflection of your face, a face that you know well. The water is clear, and at the bottom you see the leaves from last fall. You take a stick and stir the leaves and water into a muddy whirlpool, and a spider lays its eggs.

If you imagine that you’re 1 cm tall, and placed in the grass, you should look out for spiders. Even the crickets would eat you.

You could sit on a straw hanging over the lake, reflecting on your image, but you would be led away by worried thoughts – it would take a great deal of discipline to stay in focus. You would wish your former size. A return to zero. An engine haunted, hardwired against all contingencies.

Rain, looming on the horizon, the sky breaks open. Signal is good, footage received, processing and archived, check.

De deltagende kunstnere er: Toke Flyvholm, Jan S. Hansen og Mathias Sæderup.

Fri entré.

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