About Cph Art Week


Cph Art Week is an event connecting, and communicating across, the entire Danish art scene; an art scene encompassing a wide range of dedicated players. The objective is to affirm Copenhagen as a metropolis for high quality contemporary art accommodating both mainstream and narrow artistic activities and, in an interesting way, to open up the whole scene to a wide audience. Our wish is to provide the audience, curators, art professionals and artists with an insight into current art activities as well as to develop new strategies of cooperation among the diverse institutions held by the art scene. We believe that a comprehensive manifestation, in which all institutions – large and small alike – open their doors, will create a synergy revealing the rich and varied Danish art scene. At the same time we want to take the opportunity to have interesting professional discussions about art, both among the different institutions, and with the public.

The web magazine kunsten.nu has initiated and coordinated Cph Art Week.